Website Creation Tutorials For Beginners


How to Create a Website

Watch this quick, 2-minute overview video, then start here to learn how to begin creating your site. Make sure to download my free book, The Perfect Site Guide to use as your reference for getting started with your website.

Blog or Static Website?

Not sure if you need to create a blog or a static site like this one? Maybe you need both? What's the difference? This article will help you sort things out.
Find out why I love the WordPress Thesis theme for my blog.

Building Traffic to a Website

A website without traffic is pointless. Learn how to build free search engine traffic and get more website traffic building tips on this page.
Also check out my Site Build It! traffic story. I received amazing results after only four years.
Make Money

Making Money Online

From Google AdSense, , dropshipping to selling your own products. There are many ways to make money with a website. You just have to discover what works best for you!
Just set realistic expectations and don't get scammed!

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