Select a WEB HOST

Select a Web Host

lady holding dot com signYou've arrived at the 2nd step to creating a website.
After you have selected and registered your domain name you're ready to choose a web host.
A web host provides you with the space, tools and support to create your web pages and email accounts ( 
This is where all the action happens, so please read this page carefully to ensure that you choose the most appropriate option for your site.
After you've read through the different options below, I encourage you to view the web hosting comparison chart I created. 
This will give you an overview of the basic features and hopefully help with your decision.

Other Web Hosting Options

After watching the video above, please make sure you read the following information because I discuss two more hosting options not offered at
It's important to note that you do not have to host your site at the same place you register your domain name.
You could register you domain name at and then choose to host your site some place else like, for example.

Why Powweb Hosting?

Powweb is one of the popular hosting companies on the Internet. 
They are a privately owned, debt-free company that maintains all of their services in-house and have been providing top-notch web hosting since 1999.
Easy Website Builder Available
Powweb also offers a site wizard similar to Website Tonight plans (above) where you can choose a pre-created layout/template and create a website in minutes.
No programming is necessary.  All you do is select the design you want and add your text.
Free Built-In Shopping Cart
The Powweb hosting plan also comes with a built-in shopping cart in case you want to take orders from your site (no installation necessary). 
This is an ideal feature if you plan to sell products. Setting up a shopping cart can be a hassle so this is a very nice convenience.
Use Your Own HTML Editor
If you don't want to use their free website builder, you can also use software like CoffeeCup to create and edit your pages. 
So if you own the software (or plan to buy it), you can save and publish all your work directly to the web from the software. Dreamweaver is also a great editor you can use. I used it to create and design this site.
Advanced Features
This hosting option also provides the platform so you can add advanced features such as message boards, chat rooms and other interactive features.
Tons of Satisfied Customers
When you visit their site, you'll notice that they proudly display over 100 testimonials from their satisfied customers that prove they are well worth the time and investment. 
They also pride themselves on their peer-to-peer chat forums so you can chat with other Powweb customers as you share ideas, ask questions, and more.  .
How to Sign Up
When you register your domain name at, don't select a web host -- only order the domain. 
Then after you have finished the domain name registration process, head on over toPowweb's site and sign up for their hosting.

All-in-One Hosting Option: Site Build It

This host is ideal if you plan on selling hard goods and/or want to learn how to make money from your website.   If you choose this method you don't have to register a domain name separately because everything you need is included in the price.
I repeat...
If you choose Site Build It!, you do not need to go to to buy a domain name, choose hosting or anything. Site Build It! takes care of all that for you.
All the tools you need for building your site are in one place.  The domain name, hosting, web page building tools, marketing help, search engine submission, ranking reports, you name it!
SBI! uses templates so no HTML knowledge is necessary.  All you do is choose a template of your choice and add your text to build your website.
Don't get me wrong. You can use Powweb or's regular hosting plan for a money-making website, but you don't get the marketing and search engine ranking help that you will definitely need if you want to draw in targeted traffic.
I would never say you must use SBI! to achieve success, I'm just saying it's the best system I know. A lot of people attempt to build an ecommerce website using one of the less expensive hosts only to come back to Site Build It because they need help driving traffic to their sites.
After all, if you don't learn how to generate traffic, you won't make any money.
The other hosts mentioned here do not show you how to get a top 10 ranking in the major search engines.   You are on your own.
SBI also comes with a brainstorming tool to help you pinpoint the most profitable topic (high demand and low supply).  Often times people choose the wrong topic/niche because of too much competition or not enough people searching for it.  SBI makes sure you don't make that mistake.
At $25/month ($299 per year), SBI may cost more than the other hosts listed here, but it will cut out numerous learning hurdles of both creating and marketing your site.

One More Summary of The Hosting Options

Just in case you're still not sure about which hosting option to select, here's an overview and some basic tips on choosing the right hosting option for you..
1) WebSite Tonight (@
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to build a personal or professional-looking site then choose one of the WebSite Tonight packages.  The point and click web page building tools make creating your site a breeze.
This is a great plan for simple, personal websites.  A lot of people use Website Tonight for "About Me", wedding and vacation sites.  It's a great choice for sites that will have lots of photos.
All you do is select a design template and then add your text and pictures. No software or programming experience necessary. Beginners who need a very simple site love this option.
2) Powweb A great option for large (or expanding) sites because they provide an unlimited amount of space.   Quite honestly all these plans have enough space for almost anyone, but Powweb is by far the most generous.
This is the only hosting option that offers a built-in shopping cart, so if you plan to sell products then you should keep this in mind. 
The Turbo Charged option also has the functionality available so you can build a cart, but you'll have to install it yourself.  With Powweb hosting, it's already setup for you.
They also provide a built-in web page builder for beginners with tons of design templates.  Or if you want, you can use your own program like CoffeeCup or my favorite, Dreamweaver.
When you are registering your name, just select the hosting option that says you'll "park your domain here for free".  This just means that you are using another company (Powweb) to host your site.  Then after your domain has been registered you'll go to Powweb's site to sign up for hosting.
3) Turbo-Charged (@
For those of you that already own or do not need any web page creation tools, choose the Turbo-Charged option
The plans start at only $3.95 per month and if you do not own any web design software you can use an editor like CoffeeCup to create and manage your web pages.
It also comes with the functionality that will allow you to create message boards, shopping carts and add other interactive features to your site.
4) Site Build It
This host is strictly for money making sites only.  I am actually a customer and I used it to build my site
I earn around $2,500+ per month from this site through ads and referrals. I don't sell any products directly, it's all affiliate income. What's even better is the site basically makes money on autopilot.
In fact, that site gets found in the search engines for over 10,000 different fitness related keywords in the course of a month. SBI! coaches you as you create everypage to ensure you receive maximum traffic.
Site Build It! is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I didn't wave a magic wand and money appeared.  I did have to read their Action Guide and work on building my content, marketing my site, etc.
But it was nice that I could focus on that while SBI! handles all the technical tasks and search engine submission processes in the background.

Here is a picture of myself and SBI!'s creator, Ken Evoy. We met at The Affiliate Summit in January of 2007. This guy knows his stuff and it was truly an honor to finally meet him in person.
His tutorials and advice have played a huge role in helping me earn enough to quit my 9 to 5 job.
Whether you want to sell hard goodse-goods, or just create an affiliate site like I did, SBI! is the best solution, especially if you've never created a website before.
As I said earlier, you can use any of the hosts listed here to build an ecommerce website.  You just won't get the help that I believe you will need when it comes to learning how to rank high in the search engines.
Site Build It's main focus is helping you earn money.

Want Someone Else to Build & Design Your Site?

If you're in a hurry and/or don't want to learn how to build your site yourself. Check out the custom design options and prices offered at Website Palace. There are even customized logo options.