Register a DOMAIN NAME

How to Register a Domain Name

Reserving a domain name is easy and very cost friendly. The big name companies like and charge ridiculous prices such as $30-35/year for one domain name, and you get the same service at and you get freebies to help you get started.
It doesn't matter where you register your domain.  Every registrar provides the same services.
You can save a bundle at, and you'll have access to free domain forwarding. (Forward any domain to any site for FREE!)

"All The Good Domains are Taken!"

As you're registering your domain, you may feel that all the names you want are taken. You just have to get creative. Website Palace has a great page that offers tips for landing a good domain name.

You May Want to Protect Your Privacy

As you're registering your name, you will be presented with the option of keeping your domain name private - a deluxe feature you may want to take advantage of.
A private domain registration will keep your information (name, email address, etc.) out of the global Internet database, and will prevent a lot of spam from reaching your email box.
Even though registering a "private" domain is not mandatory and will not block all spam, it is a great idea if you want to keep your contact information out of the domain registry database. Some people want to register domains anonymously, so this is the reason this option is available.

Top Notch Support Available

If you should ever have a question, phone support is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Most people that come here are new to the website creation scene.  Their number one fear is that they'll invest their money into something that is new and unfamiliar, and then get stuck with no one to help them should they have a question.  Well, that's not going to happen here.
You may be new to all this and should you ever have a question you can call or email at anytime.  Phone support is available around the clock and WebsitePalace's dedicated customer service team makes every effort to answer emails within a 10-12 hour period.  

Freebies for Starting Your Site at

Your Getting Started Guidewebsite palace guide

Almost all domain registrars and web hosting companies are notorious for taking your order, sending you a welcome email and leaving you to figure out how to get started.
At, that's not going to happen.
To help you along, I've created a step by step guide that will not only walk you through launching your site or blog, but I provide tips on generating traffic and making money from your site. There are even instructions for setting up a blog.
It's perfect for newbies.
When you buy your domain name(s) at Website Palace, you'll get this free book to help you setup your account and prepare to launch your site and/or blog.
The manual is an electronic book (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
Most computers already have this program installed, but just in case you don't, you can download the free reader here.
Note: The download link to the book is on the order confirmation page after you've placed your order - so don't miss it!
If you register a domain name or buy anything from by June 1, 2011, I will provide this book for free.

Free e-Book Software

(Windows Users Only!)
Order any product from and will provide you with this free e-book software. (Windows users only.)
This easy-to-use program will allow you to create electronic (downloadable) books that you can sell or give away from your website. 
All you do is develop the contents of your book on your computer using your favorite software (Word, Notepad, etc.) and this software will convert the files into a download-friendly book you can offer to your website visitors!  There's even an option to password protect it if you wish.
Note: The download link to the templates is on the order confirmation page after you've placed your order - so don't miss it!

70+ Design Templates - FREE!

One of my pet peeves with web hosts is that they don't offer any help for first-time website builders. 
I think they fail to realize a large percentage of their customers are new to website development.
Well I understand that you may be a beginner and you probably need some assistance. So if you register your domain name or purchase any product, I will provide over 70+ HTML templates for you to choose from to begin
You simply choose the design you want and edit the text accordingly. Template setup instructions are provided with the download file.
Note: The download link to the templates is on the order confirmation page after you've placed your order - so don't miss it!

Free Walk-Through Video

You will get access to an online video of me using my own Website Palace account (yes, I'm a customer too). This will give you an idea of how to set up your website, blog, shopping cart or whatever you want to do with your site.
Think any other website is going to do anything like this? Think again! :)

FREE Affiliate Tutorial With Every Order

Did you know that even if you are creating a personal website, you can place Google ads on your site and earn money?Affiliates Masters Course
Or you can recommend other company's products and get paid a commission when people buy as a result of your referral?
This is called Affiliate Marketing.
I've been doing this with every website I create and it's the simplest way to earn money on the web when you don't have a product of your own to sell. 
If you like to exercise, build an information website about fitness and link to products related to health and exercise.  If you like food, build a recipe site and link to companies that sell cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and more.
The Affiliates Masters Course is a one-of-a-kind guide that shows you where to find affiliate programs like the ones described above and you'll discover how to maximize your earnings no matter the topic of your site.  
I promise you. This is not some cheesy, info-product that shows you how to make money overnight.  There's no such thing as "fast cash" and that's not what this eBook is about.
It's a very well-written tutorial jam-packed with solid, detailed information that will show you how to profit from your website by linking to and referring products and services offered by other companies.
This guide is over 200 pages and has an $80 value.  It will be yours for free when you register any domain name.
If you register a domain name by June 1, 2011 this FREE, Affiliate Masters Course is all yours.

Another Free Offer - Domain Forwarding

You will also receive a free domain forwarding account with every domain name.  This comes in handy if you want to register multiple extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .tv, .us, etc.
For example, you can create your site on the .com domain, and have the .net extension automatically forward to your .com site.  So when someone types in, you can set it up to automatically redirect to the .com version of your site (or vise versa). 
PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to do this, you'll need to register both the .com and .net extension of the domain (or any other extension you'll want to use to redirect to your main site.)
Domain Forwarding used to be priced at $16.99 per year, but for a limited time is offering it for FREE!

More Freebies

If you register your domain with you will also receive the following items...
  • Free Blog
  • Free Starter Page
  • Free Parked/For Sale Page
  • Free Domain Locking
  • Free Domain Status Alerts

It's Time to Register Your Domain . . .

Get your domain here, but before you leave this tutorial you may want to read about the 2nd step in creating a website - selecting a web host (recommended).   You cannot build your pages until you have a web host.
That may save you from having to come back here to learn about web hosting, and you'll be able to take care of steps 1 and 2 all at once when you register your domain(s).
However, if you want to reserve your domain now and come back to this tutorial to read about step 2 later, go to now or search the database for an available name by using the search box below.